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What I Wore: Anchors Away

Necklace:- a good luck gift from my husband
Sunglasses: F21

The weather has been so nice around here it almost feels as we skipped spring and went straight to summer.  I can hear the lawn mowers humming as I type this and can't help but think "This year has just flown by." This time last year I was very pregnant and getting ready for my daughter to arrive and this summer is just filled with so many plans and so many exciting and new things. We have already starting going on little family outings to here and there around Portland and can't wait for more summer adventures.  Nora hating the camera :) even her frumpy face makes me smile.


QP said...

Love the anchors! You know I'm addicted to anchors!
Nora is cute even when she is crying :)

Discovery Street said...

Love your dress!!

punkychewster said...

What a pretty spring dress! We're waiting for nice weather here in NC still! We've had 10 straight rainy days and it's still brrrr....coooold.

Rose Clearfield said...

Love the red dress with the turquoise nails!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Such a gorgeous dress, you look super in it! Very beautiful. Bless the last picture, such a sweet face :))) xx

Vanessa said...

You look cute and comphy. That's my super uniform too, sun dress and sandles. Love the pair you have, beats my flip flops.

Outcast said...

You look amazing here in these photos Erika, so beautiful for giving birth in the last year or so, you should have no weight worries at all, looking great!

Unknown said...

how cute!

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