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Happy Weekend!  Can you tell that Nora's favorite food is spagetti? I'm not sure exactly how much makes it into her mouth but watching her slurp each noodle makes me just laugh.  She takes eating her spaghetti very seriously and keeps her busy which is a total bonus.  Lately when she's done eating she has figured out how to unbuckle herself and then stand up in her chair and start laughing.  I know exactly what she is thinking.. look at me! I just escaped :). It's completely dangerous but we don't leave her unattended but it still freaks me out.

This weekend is packed full of going to kids birthday parties and have yet to have been to a kids birthday party other than Nora's first birthday.  I am sure Nora will have a blast because she loves being around other kids.

What are you up to this weekend?

Nora's bib is c/o Oxo Tot. Oxo Tot is also doing a FB giveaway for all of their latest awesome products.


The Dainty Dolls House said...

So very precious. I hope all of you have fun at all the birthday parties this weekend :) x

Kira said...

Such an adorable photo. My husband hates spaghetti so Pearl has never had it, but she really loves pasta with just about any other sauce. Mac and cheese is probably her favorite.

Outcast said...

Adorable photo, you can really tell that Nora adores her spaghetti!

tinajo said...

Such a sweet pic! Tomorrow we´re heading for the ocean, will be great!

QP said...

Love it!

QP said...

Love it!

Unknown said...

Adorable Photo!

his_girl_friday said...

Precious baby!

OrangeMew said...

I love how colorful this photo (and she!) is with the red and green!

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