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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Tiny Bee: Home

This weeks assignment was Home.  Home.. such a small four letter word yet a home says a lot about a person.  I also think the meaning of Home has changed for me over the years.  When I think of home now I think about my darling daughter, my husband, 2 pugs, and my studio.  Even though a home is a structure it seems like so much more and the amount of memories that happens in a home- is quite an amazing thing.  When I was a kid I would draw my home a lot! and it would be the same typical house a triangle roof with a square box for the house a couple of windows and a door.  I would sometimes put a rainbow over the top or maybe some fluffy clouds.  I always included my big fat gray cat Bimbo sitting in front of the house and sometimes have a pirate in the front yard.  It's actually quite astonishing how much I remember of those drawings and I was obsessed.  I'm not sure when I stopped drawing home but I thought I should draw home today or at least if I were to think about home what it would be. A little parisian shop house in the woods with electricity :)

Next Thursday's theme is Summers End. Since summer is ending why not share your favorite thing about it or summer memory.  I know I had a crazy summer and I love thinking back on all the wonderful things about summer like road trips to the coast.. Nora's first birthday.. Nora taking her first steps.. I'm looking forward to fall but I am going to miss summer.

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Lindsay said...

I love your representation of home, such a beautiful sketch. I would love to join in next week!

Outcast said...

I love this Erika, your definition of home is similar to mine too, great job as per usual.

rooth said...

How darling! I would always draw blueprints - these monstrous houses that were so ill-designed. I think I've actually kept those too. I've got to dig up those from somewhere...