DIY: A Coloring Book

It happened! We went out for dinner the other night and Nora was given crayons and a menu to color on and instead of eating the crayons or dipping the crayons in my water.  She decided to color.  I was so incredibly excited that she was coloring that I wanted to save her first master piece but after she was done coloring she dumped her water on it.. I think she might be headed for a career as maybe a mixed media artist or maybe performance art. :)

So I decided to buy her very first crayons and make her a blank coloring book.  This is a really easy coloring book that hopefully it won't end up in the toilet like so many of her stuffed animals, but I love the idea of making her a coloring book that she can keep for a long time.
Blank Paper
A fun piece of scrap booking paper- I used the lovely floral design.
All you do is cut the scrap booking paper to the same size as the white paper.  Fold the paper in half and staple the center.  Use the Sharpie if you want to add something - I drew an E for Eleanor which is Nora's full name. :) That's it! So simple to make an easy coloring book.  I did end up giving her the coloring book and crayons and she was back to eating the crayons but I think soon she will be filling the coloring book up.

Happy Tuesday :)


k said...

that is WAY cute!

juni // hej juni said...

so pretty! way nicer than anything store bought

Outcast said...

This is so cool and cute Erika, thank you for sharing.

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

that is so cute! what a great idea. these are my favorite diy's simple with a big impact. adorable!

rooth said...

Yay to not eating the crayons (it's the little things). I look forward to seeing her budding artistry at work :)

OrangeMew said...

She dumped water on it? Clearly she wants to work on watercolors.

What a cute book you made for her- maybe when she is a bit older she might also appreciate if you put some little sketches in there for her to color in!

Unknown said...

Ah stop being so talented!!!!!!!