Fall Music Love

I have been listening to a lot of music lately in my studio and it seems like there has been a lot of really great music coming out and some new to me music that I have just stumbled upon. I think one of the best things when you find a new album and the album is good from start to finish and you just want to listen to over and over.  Nora loves all types of music- she gets her whole body into it and we have started doing impromptu dance parties. :) So I had to share some of my current favorite picks. 

Arcade fire - Reflektor
Best coast - Fade Away
Boards of Canada- Tomorrow's Harvest

Lady Gaga- Artpop 

What new music are you listening to?


Nathaniel said...

I love the new Arcade Fire stuff. They just keep cracking out incredible tracks!
I'm really into Volcano Choir and Hip Hatchet at the moment.

Erin said...

I'm listening to lots of French music, shockingly :) And a lot of ballet suites. I haven't yet cracked and turned on the Christmas music but I have a feeling that will happen soon! xo

Outcast said...

My friend really loves the new Arcade Fire song, I think I do as well!

tinajo said...

I haven´t had time to listen to that much music at all right now, but Wake me up by Avicii always makes me wanna dance when I hear it! :-)

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

i love arcade fire. i don't think i have heard their new song, i'll have to check it out. right now aimee mann has been playing in my car for about a week, before that it was neutral milk hotel for about 2 weeks. i am probably ready to add something new to the mix:)

Alli said...

I love listening and relistening and relistening to album...almost obsessively. I agree with Christine that you can never go wrong with Neutral Milk Hotel. But I a currently obsessed with Sleeping At Last.