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Resources for Portland Northwest Bloggers

Since starting blogging I have discovered so many different resources for connecting with other bloggers in the area. I have always been a little nervous about meeting people in real life its from the internet- I think I've watched too many tv shows about serial killers and axe murderers.  I've gotten over my fear because it's like going from virtual friend to in real life friend.  Sometimes I feel like it's good to hide in my studio or hide behind the screen but after I started blogging again after I had my daughter- I have starting going to different get togethers for bloggers and have met so many new friends.
1.  Portland Bloggers Group- A group that has a get together every over month with different themes and speakers.   There is also a directory that you can have your blog listed and connect with other bloggers that blog about the same things you do.  The girls that run the group are extremely passionate about blogging and love connecting with other bloggers.  They also have a daily link up on their Facebook page with blog posts.  Website & Facebook links.
2. Pacific Northwest Bloggers - They throw a couple of get togethers a year typically in either Seattle or Portland and they know how to throw one hell of a party.  I've been to a couple of the parties and there is always lots of fun people, great snacks, a goodie bag and door prizes. What more could you want? I'm really looking forward to their holiday party coming up on November 3rd- and I think there are still tickets available if your in this neck of the woods!  Website & Facebook links.
3.  Cascadia Connect.- I'm new to this group but the ironic thing about joining this group is that I had a ton of friends already in this group. Funny huh? They do a weekly blog promotion and they also share local events that other bloggers might be interested in attending.

Happy Monday!


Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

what great info. though i always chicken out of mixing real life with my blog. i mean, i totally love being real and being the real-me in my blog, but i also love the anonymity of being behind the screen. so the idea bursting that bubble kind of freaks me out. but i am going to look into these :)

Kira said...

I've never heard of Cascadia Connect before, will have to check it out! I'm going to the holiday party too. It will be my first PNW blogger event. Also, so excited to screen print tomorrow!

rooth said...

I'm glad you've started meeting bloggers IRL - it's pretty nerve wracking but always ends up being really quite fun

Anita said...

lovely blog!

Jane said...

i think i'm at that exact position. a little nervous about meeting bloggers in real person. hopefully i can come out of my shell soon!

Unknown said...

i think a lot of bloggers tend to be introverts (why else would many of us spend our time blogging?) which always makes the meet in real life hurdle scary! for me personally, there's also a lot of big parts of my life that i don't blog about, so sometimes i worry my real life persona may not be so likable to my readers... i'm still trying to work up the courage to do the meet in real life thing!


Jessica (Coco/Mingo) said...

I totally get where you're coming from - the internet is a really scary place! That's why I try to keep some sort of privacy as much as I can! :) But in regards to all this support on the west coast, that's great! I think it's a good thing that we bloggers have a support system, and I just love my fellow bloggers who are now my dear friends!

Outcast said...

Great advice and resources Erika, I really wish we had a bloggers group for where I'm from.

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