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DIY: Christmas Garland

This Christmas I can't seem to get enough sparkle and of course glitter.. I think the glamour of Christmas has sort of taken over my house.  Every year, the more decorations that I make or buy I always want to add more and then dump more on... pretty soon I am going to have a gaudy Christmas. All I did was cut out the word "Christmas" with felt and then cut out 3 inch width strips of glitter paper.  I glued the letters on the paper.  Then punched holes on the top on each side and ran bakers twine through it... and magic its instant Christmas all over the fire place.  So easy and love it.

Have you been doing an Holiday Projects this year?


Lauren said...

Ha! Holiday Project! You're funny. My holiday project is to survive. ;)

QP said...

I know what you mean, I am kind of to the point where I want my house to look like santa puked holday cheer everywhere, slightly disgusting imagery.

thislittlehouse said...

this is such a cute idea. felt and you're talking!!

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

it turned out great! but i really love all your paintings above your mantle!

Anonymous said...

That's cute!

rooth said...

This is so sweet and I also really like all your paintings above the mantle as well

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