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Free What Did the Fox Say? Gift Tag Printables

Hey Fox lovers! ;) One of Tim's favorite activities to do with Nora is to have a dance party and one of their favorite tracks is What Did the Fox Say? by Ylvis.  Nora gets so excited to hear this song that she immediately starts swinging her arms around and doing her booty shake dance. Since it's Nora's favorite song this holiday season I thought it would make terrific gift tags.  Now it's time to wrap and I have a mountain of gifts to work on.

Have you started your holiday wrapping?

Download here :)


Eva said...

It's a lovely idea !

Ellie said...

That's adorable, I remember those random "What Does the Fox Say!" shouts I made only a few months ago!!

Sherri B. said...

Those tags are very sweet and I can just see your precious little one dancing to her favorite song.

I have not started wrapping yet..I have a great hubby that always sets up a very organized wrap station and gets it all hero!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a very Merry Christmas!

P.S. I am born and raised in Portland too. xo

Erin said...

I must be living under a rock, but I am totally unfamiliar with this song/reference! :( xo

QP said...

That song/video is so nuts! Cute idea :)

Kat said...

Aww, those are cute tags. Thanks for sharing!

I love The Fox. The boyfriend, not so much.

Outcast said...

I love this song so much Erika, every week it made it into the charts over here were causes for celebration for me, I love it!

Candy Pop said...

Aw, lovely idea!

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

these are really cute! i may need to download some i am growing tired of mine already, and these would in fact match, so it's perfect!

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