Last Minute Gift Guide: Boxed Subscription Ideas

Now days you can have just about anything sent to your home or even someone else's home. Since this year I left a lot of my shopping to the last minute.. I could brave the mall. or do a gift card and then it dawned on me or I could do a subscription boxed service.  Because who doesn't love mail? and who doesn't love goodies in the mail? I do! I do! So here are my pics for this Christmas.

1.  Olympic Provision's Salami of the Month Club.  Olympic Provisions makes delicious salami, and I mean seriously delicious.  Tim will drive 15 minutes to go pick it up at the fancy grocery store just for a stick of it. It's the perfect gift for someone who loves charcuterie plates or loves eating good ol' salami while watching football.  At Christmas time they start the salami of the month club which this could be in somebody's stocking this year.  This is a monthly service for the year of handcrafted salami's right to your door.
2.  For the Makers. Don't you just love the name? This one is a monthly subscription box where you get to make 4-6 design projects per month like a leather chain bracelet or a geometric tea towel.  It comes with tips, tutorials and easy step by step instructions so that even a beginner can make something.  This is the perfect gift for people who love hand made or the avid DIYer.
3.  Papirmass.  Now for the art lover- this is a year long subscription that gives you one piece of art per month.  It's almost like having your own personal curator and it typically includes an archival print with some type of creative writing. This is a 12 month long subscription and I might have to buy this one for myself.  Who says I can't buy myself presents at Christmas time? :)
4.  Stumptown Coffee's Monthly Subscription.  One of my favorite gourmet coffee roasters in Portland and when people leave Portland they have a tendency to still have this coffee mailed to their home, it is that good.  If you don't know what to get somebody- this is a pretty awesome gift.
5. Ipsy.  4-5 beauty products in a fancy bag sent to your home every month.  I have seen photos floating around on Instagram about how much my friends love this special box and it's only a $10 a month subscription. What more could a girl want?
6.   Tota Press- Give a Card or Two.  I am a sucker for beautiful stationary especially letterpress! This gifted subscription offers 2 awesome cards per month. Letterpress is a way of printing using a printing press.  I always think this type of printing is especially gorgeous and I also think this is such a heart felt gift.


Kat said...

Those sound like great gift ideas. I'd love the Salami of the Month Club, lol. I've heard great things about Ipsy and am still debating on whether or not I want to subscribe. The extra $5/month shipping for Canadians is a bit cost prohibitive.

QP said...

this is a great idea, I have been needing a few more gifts for frenchie and I bet he would love the salami one!

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

i had no idea about most of these. way better than the jelly of the month club! i am really excited to check them out. and don't hate me but i find stumptown coffee so overrated i just kind of hate it. i know, i know, i am on my own little tiny grumpy island, but i am just all about the traditional french roast. however, having said that most people would go nuts if you got them that gift :)

Hena Tayeb said...

cool ideas. I just gifted my husband the birchbox for his birthday.

Erin said...

I've always wanted someone to gift me a cheese-of-the-month club membership for Christmas. It solves my problem of always craving cheese and my other problem of being too lazy to go and buy it ;) I love these gift ideas! xo