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Do It Yourself: Deer Silhouette Key Chain Holder

I am the only one who loves forest creatures, especially little deer? Well I certainly do! I was in desperate need of a keychain holder because Nora is extremely fond of keys because why? well they are way cooler then any type of block or stuffed animal. (obviously)  Babies and toddlers love keys, I know that this is not a new thing.  So now she knows I keep my keys in my purse and will push a chair over to my purse, climb on the chair and riffle through my purse until she finds my keys. Then she buzzes the car alarm on and off for a good 15 minutes and once she gets bored of that she puts them away in her hiding spots. Luckily I know her hiding spots- behind the toilet or underneath one of the pugs.  Oh and if take the keys away- she goes into a full blown tantrum and well the world is over until I give in and give her back the keys.  So I made an extra fancy key chain holder to keep our keys away from her ever growing reach.  This could also be used as a pretty awesome jewelry holder too!

1.  Wood Plaque
2.  Gold and Black Acrylic Paint
3.  2 Hat Hooks
4.  I got a different set of screws for the hat hooks because the ones that came with the hat hook were really long and I didn't want the screws going through the plaque. I got 3/4 inch wood screws size 8, but double check what size of screws that come with your hat hook.
5.  Pencil
6.  Sawtooth Picture Hanger
7. Paint Brush
8.  Acrylic Varnish Matte
Take the Wood Plaque and apply 2 whole coats of gold acrylic paint.  Let dry and then take your pencil and draw a silhouette of a deer. It doesn't have to be perfect and don't worry about the too many pencil marks, everything is erasable or you can always paint over it to fix it.  Use your paint brush and fill in black around your silhouette.  I left the very edge of the plaque gold but you can always paint black all the way to the edge.  Let dry and now its time to add your little deer antlers (hat hooks).  Its ok to make them a little crooked because they are antlers! Add a coat of acrylic varnish and let dry. Add your sawtooth picture hanger to the back and thats it.  Hang it up and put your keys on those antlers. yay!


Unknown said...

Super cute and very creative! I love it!

birdie to be said...

So cute... looks great!

birdie to be said...

How fun! Great job!

Molly {Dreams in HD} said...

so cute erika!

Diana Mieczan said...

Oh my goodness, I love your projects. This is SO cool! Kisses, sweetie.

Jillian said...

How nifty! Looks relatively easy too.

Martina Visnjic art said...

So cool. Love it!

Lauren said...

Great idea. I like how you used the hooks for the antlers. Very creative.

Jen said...

That's so cute! I should try make that. I always misplace my keys.


Lauren said...

That is such a cute idea, I love it!


Emma Kate said...

I am also in love with forest creatures which is why I am particularly smitten with this DIY! It would be so perfect in an entryway to hang your keys on! So cute!!

thehonorableMissDecaf said...

Adorable! The hubby and I are redecorating our apartment and this def. looks like something I could utilize. :)


Jennifer Prod said...

this is such a creative idea- we could definitely use something like this in our apartment (the keys go missing more often than i will admit)

t said...

super cute DIY!

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

you are on a diy roll! this is so creative. love it!

rooth said...

What a cute idea! And underneath the pugs as a hiding spot, that Nora is so clever :)

Eva said...

It's amazing! A Bambi at home! great job :)

Unknown said...

Awesome idea!

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