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Monday, June 16, 2014

Pregnancy and Strawberries

It's been pretty quiet around here lately and I can't believe I'm nearly half way through my pregnancy. I'm just going to say it but I make a terrible pregnant lady. Pregnancy at least for me isn't fun or easy. I thought the 2nd time around would be a lot easier than the first but nope I was wrong. Between still having all day sickness and looking after Nora it has been extremely challenging to just take care of me or even find time to just catch my breath.

Making art or any ounce of creative energy has been thrown out the window and I miss it terribly. The hardest thing about being pregnant again is the part that you just aren't yourself or at least your former self. I know life is all about changes but being pregnant I feel like I'm on my own planet. Pregnancy is just temporary but I can't wait for it to be over.

I've been out visiting my parent's quite a bit lately because the only place I really want to be is with my mother. She helps with Nora, the pugs and best of all she makes me BLT sandwiches all day long. Can you tell I have been craving bacon? Since my parents live a few hours away, I took a little vacation out to see them and it's exactly what I needed. I was able recharge my batteries and take a minute to stop and smell the crisp fresh ocean air since they live out on the coast.

I want to make art but it's just really hard right now, I just can't describe it.  I think when your pregnant your body has so many things going on chemically that it's hard to tap into that creative place.  Tim keeps telling me that I need to allow growth into something else but I really love painting. Maybe I need to think of it as not abandoning painting but seeing what happens.

Since summer is happening my parents have the most beautiful and lush garden. It also happens to be strawberry season! Nora loves digging out those sweet juicy little red berries and so do the pugs. I caught Winston the pug climbing over the garden box and getting his big old belly stuck as he hung on the edge while gobbling up strawberries.  It still makes me smile just thinking about it because he always acts like he is starving. oh pugs!  I really want to make some jam soon... maybe it's a sign of some sort of creative things waiting to come out. I have been enjoying shooting photos again and been feeling the need for at least small adventures.
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