Potty Training with Tot // Road Trip Essenitals

Potty training has been extremely challenging with Nora. She has been officially potty trained for about 6 months.  Potty training is one of the hardest things ever. I thought she would just look at me one day and say, "Mommy I need to go potty." Nope not my kid.

Nora loves her diapers. Loves them! When I first took out the little potty and asked her to try. She would say, "Mommy, no. Nora wants diapers."  Ugh.  Then when I started asking her to try on the potty. She would run away screaming. (literally)

Then I started the reward system. Candy for potty. Yes, I am totally that mother. I am no short of bribery. But did it work? Sometimes! I always had hope but candy didn't always work. I think the biggest piece of advice for giving someone who is just teaching their little person to use the potty is to just be consistent and don't be lazy about it.  

One of my favorite mommy brands is OXO, they make high quality kiddo products. They have made it so much easier for me to potty train Nora. My favorite is the potty seat, that either folds down into an individual little potty or can be placed over a regular adult toilet. It is seriously one of the best inventions ever.  It's the perfect toilet trainer.

We have recently been doing a lot of road trips. This is my all time go to favorite mommy products to be prepared for potty training on the go or even at home.

Oh and the best part? When Nora out grows and gets ready to use the big potty. I can use it for baby Everett!

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