Feast Portland's Sandwich Invitational - the BEST sandwich EVER!

Part of Feast Portland's annual event (Portland's all time best food fest), the opening night is Widmere Brother's Sandwich Invitational presented by Dave's Killer Bread. It is a ton of your favorite celebrity chefs and amazing Portland chefs all crammed in one place making a sandwich of their choosing.

I love a sandwich. I do! The bread with all the delicious fillings and the choices are endless. This year there was one clear winner and it was sort of slam dunk.  I didn't want to like it but it was sort of amazing. I am still thinking about the spice of his sandwich. 

Gregory, top chef runner up from Portland. (yay!) He also made two treats. First was his spicy Chinese BBQ Pork Crepe with pickled turnip and fermented chilis.  He should be seriously bottling that chili sauce. Second was the Peanut Butter Ice cream sandwich with Valrhona chocolate and banana brittle. I was lucky enough to have a few of these and I need to learn how to make them because it was like a peanut butter Mounds Bar.

Egg Slut came all the way from California for this event. Yay! Happy Belly! Egg Slut made a "egg dipped" slow roasted pork shoulder, whites and herbs in a warm baguette, served with a egg yolk dipping sauce. When are they going to open a Portland location? When?!

I had so much fun at this event and for a girl who loves her sandwiches, this one is top notch. They event gets a little bigger and bigger every year and more competitive with their sandwich making skills.

How many days till next year's Feast?

PS Want to read more about Feast? click here.

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