Nora's First Day of Preschool!

My little people are growing up! Nora had her very first day of preschool. I am not sure if it was harder on me than on Nora.  It was one of those moments in life, that everything changed and is different. I know it was bound to happen sooner or later and growing up is inevitable, but this is a whole new chapter.

She picked out some new blinking princess shoes and a glitter sparkle back pack. It makes me cringe just thinking about how gaudy it is but she just loves it. I guess a little glitter and sparkle never hurt anybody but geez I wonder how long of a phase this one is?

I knew going into this day, that it would be tough for Nora to be with out mommy. I just knew it. I can barely make it out of the house by myself to run to the store and Tim is watching the kiddos. Nora is very emotional about the leaving and going of mommy. Going into this, I was prepared for a colossal melt down. Guess what? As I was about to leave her at preschool, she cried so hard and was the loudest (as always). I stayed for a good 15 minutes.

Her new preschool teacher gave her a big hug and I just left. I knew if I stayed any longer I would be a blubbering mess and the only parent crying. I at least made it out to the hallway before I started getting misty eyed and then totally crying.

I know it's going to get easier and it gives me more some special time with Everett, but Nora was the first.  When I picked her up and told her that I was really proud of how brave she was and asked her about what she learned.  She told me that she learned what a stop sign was and how to walk in a line.

It seems so simple but their little brains are hard at work! I'm looking forward to new adventures, field trips and of course show and tell. and I am sure it will be her showing off her princess collection.

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rooth said...

She certainly looks like a big girl in that picture but I know she misses her mom and brother during the day - how brave you both are