Do It Yourself: Easy Baby Donut Costume

If you can operate a pair of scissors, then you can make this extremely easy baby costume. The best part of Halloween (at least for me) is making the kiddos halloween costumes. It's the best, especially when they are a baby, because I can dress them up in whatever I want.

Nora was a M &; M one year, then the state of Oregon, and then last year the Game of Operation. This year I was only able to dress up Everett, since Nora is now officially old enough to pick out her own Halloween costume. I guess at the age of 3, she should have some sort of opinion about what she wants to be. So, I caved and bought her a princess outfit. (ugh) and she loves it.

 Baby Onsie or Adult Onsie
Felt- at least one square of tan, pink for frosting, and then whatever colors for sprinkles. I used red, white, green and yellow.
Fabric Glue

1.  Cut the tan square of felt into a large oval shaped O. Then cut the pink fabric in a skinnier version of the same O. Cut your sprinkle felt into stripes then snip pieces off.
2. Glue the large tan O onto the Onsie then the pink 0.  Then delicately glue your sprinkles.
3.  Let it dry! Pretty easy? But you did a great job.

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