Adam's Natural Peanut Butter and 100 Days.

I am partnering with Adam's Natural Peanut Butter to celebrate their 100 years in the Pacific Northwest. I am a proud Oregon girl and I am born and raised here. Adams was born in the Pacific Northwest 100 years ago and to commiserate the 100 years, we are teaming up with a series of adventures inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

I have to say I have a soft spot for awesome products that come from my neck of the woods.  Since I am busy with art and mommy duty, peanut butter is a definite food staple in our house. Nora and Everett will devour practically anything with peanut butter. Everett is the picky eater out of the two but he sees that peanut butter jar and he starts doing those gimme hands.

My personal favorite is the Creamy Organic. I still remember when I was a kid and I would hide under my mothers kitchen table and eat peanut butter right out of the jar.  I might not be under the kitchen table anymore but I still love eating peanut butter right out of the jar.

Turning 100 is a big deal and so over the next 100 days, you will be seeing my creative adaptations of Adam's dedication to the Pacific Northwest. It's a great way to celebrate and I am excited to be apart of it.

 I am a paid contributor for Adam's Peanut Butter. All opinions, photos and art are my own.

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