Adam's Peanut Butter - Message in a Jar

If there's one thing I love more than anything, then it is to make art every single day.  It's extremely hard and challenging but it has been one of the greatest rewards.  Sometimes I have no idea what I am going to make that day and sometimes I have ideas days in advance, but creativity is a total roller coaster; a rush. And, there are definite peaks and valleys. 

When I first started sharing my sketchbook, I was afraid of showing the bad art days. There were days I didn't want to make art at all but had to make something, but I have grown to really cherish even the off days. It's also been really important for me to share the journey every day because then I am accountable. I have to to share it no matter what and then I can never really ever give up.

I am partnering with Adam's Peanut Butter to do a Message in a Jar. Adam's was born in the Pacific Northwest and they are celebrating their 100 year anniversary all summer long. yay! Portland, Oregon, the heart of the Pacific Northwest, happens to be home for me.

To join in the party, I am going to be hiding one of my daily sketches, some peanut butter of course and coupons for even more peanut butter goodness..  A Peanut Butter Care Package.  

I'll give you a hint as to where I am leaving it...Somewhere close to the Portland Art Museum. 

Good Luck.

 I am a paid contributor for Adam's Peanut Butter. All opinions, photos and art are my own.

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