Little Handfuls Organic Review

I recently was contacted by Little Hands Organic and they asked me if I wanted to try out their product. Let me tell you first that my kids are picky eaters, especially Everett. Even at a really early age, when introducing new foods, he would put the food in his mouth and promptly make a funny face and then spit it out. I was pretty concerned about it when he was around nine months old because he didn't want to feed himself and he just wasn't into really want solid foods.

The pediatrician explained that sometimes babies have a very sensitive palette to texture.  She said to keep trying and give him real food and not focus on baby food. I remember the first food that Everett actually ate with gusto and that was peanut butter crackers. He couldn't get enough and nearly ate the entire box! The best part was that he wanted to feed himself, which was a big win. So now, fast forward to today and he is two and half. He still makes a funny face and spits out food. It's less, but he's still very picky. It makes eating out very fun!

Since Everett is so picky, I am always on the lookout for delicious, healthy and easy foods. The easier the food, the better because when my kids get hungry they get hangry! They get so hungry that they cannot wait for a single moment longer and start opening the pantry and grabbing a chair to reach for anything they can get their little hands on.

Little Hands Organic are shaped like little muffins, which is the perfect size for teeny tiny kiddo hands. They are fully baked but flash frozen and they took only a few minutes in the toaster oven or cook top. There are three different flavors: blackberry date oat, bean brown rice spinach, and apple squash quinoa. I knew that there would be a flavor or two my little picky eaters would love. The blackberry date oat was a home run for us. Everett even asked for seconds, which is rare. The next morning I made the bean brown rice spinach and topped it with a heap of avocado and both kids just gobbled them up.

I will be picking up Little Hands Organic in the future because it was just to fast, easy, healthy and Everett loved it.

This is a sponsored post by Little Handfuls Organic and all the opinions and words are my own.

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