DIY: How to Make your Own Eclipse Viewer

Have you gotten your eclipse sunglasses yet? Is every where sold out? Here is a quick and easy way to make your own eclipse viewer with items you probably have around the house.

Cereal Box
Aluminum Foil

1.  Open your cereal box and remove everything from inside.
2.  Trace the bottom rectangle of the cereal box on a piece of paper and cut it out. Glue the piece of paper to the inside bottom of the box.
3.  Close the tope of the box and cute two holes on either side of the top of the box, like the picture above.
4.  Tape aluminum foil on one of the holes and prick a pin hole in the center.
5. The day of the eclipse.  You look through the open side of the viewer. The eclipse goes through hole and you will see the reflection inside the box.

That's it!

oil on paper

The art (the best part) is part of my making art everyday project and this is day 232. To read more about this awesome project click here

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