Nora's First and Last Day of Preschool

These were taken from Nora's first and last day of preschool. The school year went by so quickly and she officially looks like a kid. It's amazing how many leaps and bounds she has grown over the year. She wanted to wear her Christmas dress which is obviously too short for her already, but we did put shorts on underneath. Why deprive a kid of wearing what she wants?

Nora is strong-minded, has laser focus, loves creativity and to build things. She is pretty sensitive and loves to laugh. She is going to be in Kindergarten this next year and her school has already organized playdates for her to get used to the school. She is going to be taking the bus, but there are a couple of girls down the street that will be in Kindergarten and in first grade.

I'm looking forward to meeting a whole new circle of families that live in our neighborhood and that Nora will have the chance to go through school with. I know school is difficult and challenging for so many non-educational reasons, but I hope she loves it and cherishes how special this time truly is. I started looking at the volunteer opportunities and I hope I can contribute to her classroom because I want to be involved in the process.

You guys! I have a kindergartener!

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