DIY Hipster Easter Egg

I was contacted by Food Network Magazine to represent my home state of Oregon in being apart  of the United States of Easter Eggs. They asked 50 bloggers across the United States to get inspired and decorate an easter egg for the latest issue of the magazine.  I knew this project was right up my alley because I am a born and raised Portland girl. So who else would know Oregon better?

Most people, when they think of Portland, they think of flannel, beards, glasses or maybe even some sort of reference to the television show Portlandia. I immediately wanted to make a Hipster inspired egg. Portland is a pretty special place. In the heart of the town there is a big mural that says, "Keep Portland Weird," which definitely encompasses the overall vibe of the city. It's a place that goes at it's own pace and is home to unique individuals.

Black, White, Gray, Pink Acrylic Craft Paint
Paint Brush
Modge Podge or Glue

It's a pretty simple process. I started with painting the glasses, eyes, nose, hair and rosey cheeks. I waited for that section to dry before I started on the buffalo checkered plaid shirt. Acrylic paint generally dries pretty quickly but just go square by square. Now for the glitter beard. I did one layer of modge podge in the bearded area and dipped the egg in glitter. Once that was dry, I added another layer of glue to hold the glitter and that's it! Easy peasy.

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