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The Oregon Coast

Yesterday Tim and I went to the Oregon coast with our puppy children Winston and Yoda. We did stumble across this little gallery and store while we were roaming the streets of Astoria. Lunar Boy Gallery is on one of Astoria's main streets and the art shown in the store has everything from illustration to contemporary art. I enjoyed the art so much because there were so many Portland artists I have recognized and watch for their art. I will completely be stopping in this gallery again when I travel to the Oregon Coast.


Laura said...

Hi Erika! Great to see you last night. I really love your work and can't wait to see all of your creations for the Thirty One show.

julia skerry said...

hey, yes, i would love to get some of the 31 show up on my blog before the show...we'll see, still painting :)

i like your website! Looking forward to seeing your stuff!


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