Hi! My name is Erika and this blog is my place where I keep my inspiration, my favorite memories and most of all, my journey of makings things in both life and art. I am a self taught oil painter and I took the plunge to leave my corporate job in order to paint full time. I show my artwork around town and have been featured in the last four seasons of the television show, "Portlandia." I am a mommy to my daughter Nora, who was born 7/11/12 and baby Everett, who was born 11/11/14.  I have a bearded husband named Tim and have two pretty mischievous pugs. I believe in magic dust and that creativity lives and grows all around us. My secret wish is to lead the best life possible and to live on fast forward. 

Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to see what happens next. 

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