Selected Exhibitions


The Cultural Arts Council Douglasville - Douglasville, GA (Group)


Guy Hepner/ Tax Collection (Solo)


Westmont Ridley Tree Museum of Art - Santa Barbara, CA (Group)
Deep Space - Jersey City, NJ (Group) 
Pabst Blue Ribbon Studios & Monster Children - Coast to Coast - Los Angeles, CA (Group)
Sugarlift Gallery - Still - New York, NY (Group)
Furbish- (Solo) 
Nucleus - Salute 5- Portland, Oregon (Group)
Stay at Home Gallery -  Paris, TN (Group)


Urban Craft Uprising - Seattle, WA (Group)
Portland Providence Hospital Gallery - Portland, Oregon (Solo)
Chroma Chronicles - San Francisco, California (Group)
Living Coral - One River School of Art and Design - Lake Oswego, Oregon (Group)


Ford Galley - Love Show - Portland, Oregon (Group)
Powell's Books - Basel Hallward Gallery - Portland, Oregon (Solo)
Enormous Tiny Art - Nahcotta Gallery - Portsmouth, NH (Group)
Sidestreet Arts - Portland, Oregon (Group)
Artists Take Action Fundraiser - Oakland, CA (Group)
Little by Little - CHP -  Portland, Oregon (Group)
Portland Art Museum- Monster Drawing Rally - Portland, Oregon (Group)


Crafty Wonderland - Portland, Oregon (Group)
Enormous Tiny Art- Nahcotta Gallery - Portsmouth, NH (Group)
Insomnia - Hillsboro, Oregon (Group)
Anna's Banana's - Portland, Oregon (Group) 
Portlandia Art Sale - Portland, Oregon (Group)
Portland Art Museum - Monster Drawing Rally - Portland, Oregon (Group) 
ZB Gallery - The Day of the Dead Show - Sherwood, Oregon (Group)

Scott Ellsworth Gallery - Not A Lemon - San Francisco, CA (Group)
Fayes Gallery - Caution May be Hot - San Francisco, CA (Group)
Long Weekend Store - Caution May be Hot - San Francisco, CA (Group)
Good Foot - 88 Strong - Portland, Oregon (Group)
Peoples Gallery -  Oregonology - Portland, Oregon (Group)
Little Paper Press - San Francisco, Ca (Solo)
Darling Press - Portland, Oregon (Solo)
One-Der Gallery - Portland, Oregon (Group)
WeMake - PDXBirdy - Portland, Oregon (Group)
Edgefield, McMenamins - Portland, Oregon (Group)
Ford Gallery - The Big 500 - Portland, Oregon (Group)
Po Boy Art Gallery - Little by Little - Portland, Oregon (Group)

Good Foot - 88 Strong - Portland, Oregon (Group)
Paxton Gate's Curiosities - Strike Away Show - San Fransisco, CA (Group)  
People's Gallery - So Many Days, So Many Dead - Portland, Oregon (Group) 
People's Gallery - The Big 500 - Portland, Oregon (Group) 
One-der Gallery - Portland, Oregon (Group) 
People's Gallery - Portland Show - Portland, Oregon (Group)

People's Gallery - The Big 500 - Portland, Oregon (Group)  
Good Foot - 88 Strong - Portland, Oregon (Group)  
People's Gallery - Portland Show - Portland, Oregon (Group)
New Brow 3 - Portland Center of Performing Arts- - Portland, OR (Group)
People's Gallery- The Makers Dozen - Portland, OR (Group)
People's Gallery- Carnival - Portland, OR (Group)
Goodfoot- 88 Strong - Portland, OR (Group)
Goodfoot - I think there fore I am - Portland, OR (Group)
People's Gallery - The Big 400 - Portland, OR (Group)

Community Warehouse- Chair Affair- - Portland, OR (Group)
People's Gallery- Landscape Show - Portland, OR (Group)
88 Strong - Portland, OR (Group)
The Big 300 - Portland, OR (Group)
I Think Therefore I am - Portland, OR (Group)

Bridge City Counseling - Portland, OR (Solo)
Launch Pad Gallery/Gallery Homeland- Love Show - Portland, OR (Group)
Portland Center of Performing Arts - Portland, OR (Group)
Urban Grind - Portland, OR (Group)
Community Warehouse- Chair Affair - Portland, OR (Group)
Cascade Aids Project - Portland, OR (Group)
Studio 2507 - Portland, OR (Solo)
Love Art - Portland, OR (Solo)
88 Strong - Portland, OR (Group)
Big 200 - Portland, OR (Group)

Goodfoot - Big 100- Portland, OR (Group)
Launch Pad Gallery - Facing your Fears, Portland, OR (Group)
Art Media- 10X10 Show- Portland, OR (Group)
Splendorporium - Portland Tarot Art Show, Portland OR (Group)
Portland Open Studios, Portland, OR (Group)
Exit 21 - Portland, OR (solo)
Portland City Art/Olympic Mills - Rainy Day Wild Fire - Portland, OR (Group)
Launch Pad Gallery- Love Show - Portland, OR (Group)
Equilibrium, Portland, OR (Solo)

Olympic Mills - The Big 100 - Portland, OR (Group)
Launch Pad Gallery - Family - Portland, OR (Group)
Moxie-Portland, OR (Solo)
Muse- An Artist a Day -Portland, OR (Group)
New Deal Cafe - Portland, OR (Group)
Launch Pad Gallery/Olympic Mills- Love Show- Portland OR (Group)
US Bank - Portland, OR (Solo)

Art House-The Canvas Project - Atlanta, GA (Group)
Launch Pad Gallery- Dreams Show - Portland, OR (Group)
Gallery Lune - Manzanita, OR (Group)
Om Traditional Arts - 31- Portland, OR (Group)
Pip Gallery - 24- Portland, OR (Group)
Artemis Coffee - Portland, OR (Group)
Gladstone Coffee - Portland, OR (Solo)
Swerve- Art and Adventure - Seattle, WA (Group)
Launch Pad Gallery- Love 3 - Portland, Oregon (Group)

Om Tradional Arts- Thirty - Portland, Oregon (Group)
100th Monkey Studio- Heat - Portland, Oregon (Group)

Selected Collections

Portland Community College - Portland, Oregon
Brooklyn Art Library - Brooklyn, New York
Copelouzos Family Art Museum - Athens, Greece

As Seen on TV

Portlandia Seasons 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 8
Significant Mother Season 1


Lana Del Rey's - Violet Bent Over Backwards in the Grass
Portland Community College
Adam's Peanut Butter
City Home
La Victoria
Jerry's Artorama
CBS News
It's Nice That
Juxtapose Magazine.
Upper Case Magazine - Winter 2018 Issue
Foodnetwork Magazine - April 2018 Issue

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