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Hurricane Erika

I have been so busy with painting.. school... work.. my life is a Hurricane! Work is extremely busy! They are pushing us to work at 48-56 hours per person. Then I have class 2 nights a week. Then I also have my paintings to work on. Here is one my homework assignments starring my super model little angel Winston. The assignment was to paint something in my house using 2 colors other than black and white. I used yellow ochre, raw umber, black, and white. He is sleeping on a pillow on my couch and he is pretty adorable.

Over the weekend I had the orientation for the SE art walk and there is going to be over 100 artists participating.. so the room was quite packed! It was great to see so many passionate people. I am also going to have a piece of art in a group show at the New Deal Cafe for the month of February. I am also working on my piece for the Love Show at the Launch Pad Gallery/Olympic Mills annual Love event. :).... so hopefully I can finish everything in time.

Have a good week everyone!


Kristin said...

Little Winston is adorable. You can do it! I'm plotting a plan to come down during SE PDX Art Walk so I can see your stuff. Congrats on everything you deserve it.

Michelle Brunner said...

I am so, so , so jealous! I would love to be consumed by painting right now! I just love your painting of your cute! Isn't it amazing how a limited palette can really be effective? Good luck with finishing all of your work-make sure to post any new paintings!

elan said...

Am I invited to come to any of these events?

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

You won't come nerd.

Sara Moriarty said...

Go Erika... get your paint on... get busy... you can do it... we all know it.

Look at all the doors that are opening for you - yipee!

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