So we were having dinner with my parents and my mother walks over and wants to show my a tomato. She let me know it wasn't just any tomato but a 5 dollar tomato. So I decided to paint it before we ate it.

Also so I participated in first Thursday in the pearl as a vendor and it was a great success! I sold one my Oregon Landscape paintings and I was a little sad to see it go, but the woman who bought it let me know it would go to a good home. Here is a picture to the side of my booth and there were ballerinas! They did swirls and twirls all up down the street.

So I have been feeling extremely motivated and inspired to get in my studio.. so that is where I will be hiding. :)


Michelle Brunner said...

Wow! a $5 tomato! It must have been good:) I love your painting of should do a series of vegetables! Congrats on the is sometimes bittersweet isn't it? You are glad to sell something but sad that you will most likely never see that painting again!

I am feeling inspired too...summer does that I think:)

Kristin said...

ha! your momma is still crazy. was it a good tomato? i really wanted to come to first thurs but we got stuck in traffic and didn't get into town until late :(

khairun said...

Hello there!

Thankyou for stopping by my blog today!
Really admire your painting techniques. I used to do alot of still life pieces with oil but that was a few years ago now.
Anyway a $5 tomato deserves to be painted! And you painted it very well too!

All the best


Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

Kate! You need to tell me! Next time.. Let me know