Day 14- Goodbye Europe

Last day! I can't believe it's over. So I didn't keep track of what I ate on the boat- I did take 1 picture to show, how horrible we were. Yes that is banana creme pie :) Yumm!Don't you just to love to read while on vacation? I was very proud of myself for only bringing 3 books. Actually I am extremely proud of my packing situation all together because I attempted to pack light. :) I read Eat Pray Love- which I can not wait to see the Julia Roberts movie. Next was the Happiness Project, which was my favorite out of three. It's about a New Yorker and her journey to find happiness with in her existing life. Also the ironic thing was that I met others on the boat reading this book and made some new friends. The Carrie Diaries, which was Carrie before Sex in the City. I was lucky 3 good reads :)

Bye Bye Europe, till next time. We were thinking maybe London, Belgium, Paris next year. :)

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