Big 100- 6 of 15 and a little Vitamin C

 I am supposed to be working on the rest of these paintings but I caught a cold... so lame.. know any secret remedies?  My mother was telling me about this thing that you stick in your nose that washes your nose out with salt water.  I thought she was half crazy... well I know she is partially crazy but I did find it online.. its called the Neti.  I don't know if I could stick what looks like a teapot spout up my nose, maybe I should stick with Vitamin C.

Here is my latest for the Big 100 show.. from the New York Subway.. I love how people read and wait for the subway, like they don't have a care in the world while there is all this activity going on around them.. that element of magic of NYC.

I wanted to convey the motion versus the stillness of New York. NYC is unlike any other place that I have been because of the way the city moves.  I also never really noticed the American Flags on the subway cars until I started painting the series. 

8X8 oil on wood.
Information about the show:
The Big 100 is 100 artists doing 15 paintings each all for the set price of $50.  Cash and Carry Show.
December 3-4th 5-10 pm at the Goodfoot.



Noodles and Waffles said...

My dad uses a Neti. He gets lots of sinus buildup (gross) and his doctor told him to us one. I think it's supposed to work. Who knows. Get lots of rest and get better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

i don't know any secret trick, i had the last cold ten years ago. that time i just spent a lot of time with my head over a bowl of hot water and eucaliptus, drank a lot of tea with lemon and watched lot of bad tv. it worked.

Unknown said...

Usually if I even start to feel a tickle in the back of my throat, I immediately go buy & consume 1/2 gallon of OJ. Kinda gross, I know, but it tends to do the trick.

Like painting- added motion is great.

Michelle said...

Love the painting, Erika. My first impression was how well you conveyed a sense of movement.

Hope you get feeling better soon.

Traveling Distances said...

When I was young, my aunt gave me sprite with a sprinkle of salt when I was sick. I'm not really sure if it does anything, but I associate it as a remedy.

I'm so jealous you got to see the Tim Burton exhibition at MoMA - it must've been pretty amazing!

Marcel said...

Hi Erika, love the subway paintings. Very cool! Vitamin C does seem to help a cold and I find that hot lemon ginger green tea helps too. Otherwise the best way to get rid of a cold is to not take any cold medicine, but instead just let your body fight off the cold naturally. I find that whenever I take cold medicine the cold symptoms persist for days and even weeks, but without medicine it’s usually gone after a day or two.

Anonymous said...

I love this! I think trains are one of the most fun things to draw and look at. : )