Big 100 8-15 Shoes

I love converse :) Since I quit my job- it's practically the only shoe I wear.  I haven't put on any of my business clothes .. shoes.. in months, and I don't miss them.  Anytime I see a shoe in a painting- I think about where it's been and where it's going.  I think I might do a few more still life for the show- to mix up the subway NYC paintings.  Any objects that inspire you?

8X8 oil on wood.
Information about the show:
The Big 100 is 100 artists doing 15 paintings each all for the set price of $50.  Cash and Carry Show.
December 3-4th 5-10 pm at the Goodfoot.


Michelle Brunner said...

Love this painting! The detail is awesome:) I really want some gray converse shoes. I think I might go buy some now....

Unknown said...

These shoes make me happy - especially when they're the subject of one incredible painting!