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Love and the i-Phone

Typically I talk about art and things that inspire me and I sometimes mention my husband. My husband inspires me everyday and consider myself lucky. Meet Tim. :)
Tim is a musician and a big geek. (I do have a thing for geeks) Over the past few years Tim has been making iphone apps on the side from his regular job. Some of his previous apps include Robotvision and Future Checkin. I am so proud of my husband and he has teamed up with a graphic designer and made his first iphone game. It launched yesterday and wanted to share it with you. Ramps

PS Tim if you are actually reading this post. Love you and lots of luck- you have worked so hard and am so proud.


Unknown said...

How cool! That is a really awesome side project! My husband has toyed with the idea but never followed through with it. Maybe Tim's success will inspire him!

elan said...

Har har, Erika. I'm reading your post AND commenting!

Thanks for the well wishes. May your day be free of robot piranha and hipster penguins.

Cindy said...

congratulations to tim ... looks great! enjoy your holiday!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Mrs Apple Fanatic from Italy here. So your husband make apps?? Keep him. I once dated a guy that could not use the tv remote. The tv remote. Three year olds can do that.

S and O said...

That is really awesome! I love iphone apps, I want to get an iphone just to download a bunch of apps :D



Your wedding photo is too divine...

Traveling Distances said...

That sounds like a very cool/fun side project! When I get an iPhone, I'll have to check it out!

Tracey said...

Aww ... I love the picture of you both - so sweet!

How wonderful that your husband is so very talented with all things techy ... I have one of those too! :)

Michelle Brunner said...

Hi Tim! Nice to meet you:) I wish I had an iphone because I would totally get those apps! What a cool job:)

p.s. Love that picture of you two! So cute!

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