What's in my bag?

Despite my detail orientated brain I consider myself a controlled mess.  :) Which means I keep my messiness under control.  I always think about what if I need this or that...
What's in my bag? or purse? I am also guilty of stealing pens, not on purpose but it just happens!

1.  1 pair scissors
2.  1 glue stick
3.  1 pencil sharpener
4.  6 pens
5.  6 stablo markers (1 brown, 1 gray, 4 black)
6.   1 pink highlighter- not sure why I have a highlighter
7.  1 water container for watercolor painting
8.  2 pink erasers
9.  1 white eraser
10.  1 water color set
11.  Blink- by Malcolm Gladwell (on loan from the library)
12.  1 sketch book
13.  1 H&M hat- I got it for $5- woohoo
14.  1 scarf- I got in NYC for $5
15.  1 pencil/pen keeper
16.  3 water color brushes- 1 is a Niji brush that holds the water in the brush
17.  5 Decocolor markers
18.  6 different kind of pencils.. 1 white, 1 charcoal, a couple of regular ones
19.  1 messenger bag from Kibber.

 My dog surveying the damage.


Cindy said...

i'm similar - organized chaos, but your bag looks perfect for the artist. love that book, too!

Noodles and Waffles said...

I love all your art supplies. I lack the ability to draw stick figures. I do shade well though.

Traveling Distances said...

Definitely a bag of an artist. I enjoyed all three books by Malcolm Gladwell and I'm planning on reading What the Dog Saw soon. Your pug is cute!

Charlotte said...

This is a good exercise for me to do since I have so much junk in my work bag. I have a timbuk2 bag and love the pockets inside.

Sarppu said...

Hello, nice things you have ♥ have a nice time waiting for christmas.

red-handed said...

O god you're like me -- always carrying too much!

Anonymous said...

I never have a sketch book with me. I'm not so well organised. When I see something that gives me an idea i draw on random pieces of papers, usually gas or phone bills, or i take a picture with my phone. And you carry watercolors with you? Always? Wherever you go?

I should take a picture of what's inside my bags, so you all have a good laugh.

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

You can get a really small set of watercolors. I don't use like a wet water color from a tube- its a semi- tacky watercolor and it's only $5. So it's a decent quality for a good price and it's small enough that fits into my pencil carrier.

belinda marshall said...

your bag looks like so much fun. love your actual bag too xx

Anonymous said...

I keep a highlighter in my purse to highlight things in the newspaper that I want to refer to or tear out later. Thanks for sharing the goods with us. : )

Emily said...

I love this! Your bag contents are as lovely as your bag.


Miss C said...

I steal pens too! I think most people are naturally pen stealers, it just happens.