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Going Postal!

No snow :( not even a speckle. Just rainy and cold.  I was hoping to make a snow man this week or maybe make even a snow angel but no!  
Guess what? I was finally productive towards the end of this week...granted I went to sleep around 4 am every night BUT I had a break through! I can hear the angels singing... lol :)  Here is a little painting that I painted for my friend Cindy in New York and it's finally dry and ready to be shipped.
I hope she likes it- she just loves beautiful botanicals.  She had a give away on her blog and I couldn't believe that I won! So I thought I should send her back something extra special.  I hope it makes it safely to New York.  Can you believe it? I am going to have a painting that has a home in New York!
Here is what she sent me.  Look how adorable everything is wrapped.  I am not the greatest wrapper but it's what's inside the package right?
Have a good weekend! My husband and I have a date planned for this weekend! Also I wanted to let you know I have something amazing planned for you on Monday.  I can't wait to tell you all about it but Monday Monday Monday. :)

Oil on Canvas 5X5 :) Just in case your curious.


Cindy said...

wow, i feel like I'M the winner. the painting is wonderful! i love everything about it - the subject, the perspective, the colors and textures. i can't believe i will own an erika lee sears original and will be willing to lend it out to the museum of modern art, etc., someday :). thank you so much. enjoy your weekend!

Cindy said...

oh, i love the photo of you holding the painting with the paint on your fingers and all!

sarah said...

you can have our snow! I'm sick of wearing my ugly rubber boots everywhere! And to answer your question, I actually have not been to charm city cakes, but I'm planning on it once I move a little closer to the city!

and flowers pick themselves said...

take my snow! please!


happy weekend!

xo Alison

Annie said...

your painting is BEAUTIFUL... love the colors!

Unknown said...

I really, really, really like the floral painting. -Next to your typewriter paintings, this is one of my favorites. -Great composition & layering of colors!

Unknown said...

i'm so jealous of painters! that's just gorgeous.
have fun on your date. can't wait to see what happens monday!

belinda marshall said...

so lovely of you to send her this painting ~ it's great!
hope your date is fun + can't wait to hear your monday news :)

Aoife Blake said...

'beautiful botanics' is right, that painting is so pretty! :)

Poor you with no snow, especially when you were looking forward to it

Aoife x

Style, She Wrote said...

What a sweet post! Sounds like a fun exchange. Enjoy your date! xo style, she wrote

Michelle said...

I have plenty of snow that I'd love to share.

The painting is lovely, Erika!

stephanie said...

They tease us with threats of snow around here. It never happens. I hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

What happens on maonday?? What happens on monday? What happens on monday???????

A painting with a house in new York. Wow. And maybe it's a loft.

Angela said...

I read this a couple of days ago but I was in a hurry and didn't take the time to comment. Just wanted to come back and say that I LOVE the little painting and think it is super sweet of you to send it to your friend. I agree with Cindy and love how you still have paint on your fingers in the photo.

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

It's a beautiful painting!!! Just wonderful! I hope your date night was fun!

Anait said...

Your painting is stunning! I paint, too...though with school its hard to find the time and energy! And the package you received looks so wonderful...I love snail mail

Tracey said...

Wow - what a lovely giveaway! :)

How exciting to send another of your lovely paintings to a wonderful new home ... such a shame about the snow, but just look at all those colours you've captured! :)

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