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It's a bird.. It's a plane..It's a pug!

What are you up to this weekend? We have a double date planned this weekend and I think I see a fun fruity martini and a delicious chocolaty dessert in my future.  Yum!   This week has just flown by between painting in the studio and launching my kickstarter project- time has just flown by!
Here is a little something I am going to put in my etsy shop.  :) A girl listening to music.  Oil painted on paper collaged onto a page of an old physics book- integration standard integrals.  I sound smarter by just saying integrals.  
Cheers! Have a super weekend!  Thanks Mandy over at Something Monumental today for mentioning the Hong Kong Project! Woohoo!


Mandy Crandell said...

Sounds like a good weekend. I'm hoping to get a lot of work done. That's nothing new, though.

Joyce said...

Have a "pug"iful a weekend. What a cutie! Mine will be slowly getting the house back in order after putting new carpet in throughout the houseand finishing painting the bedroom. xo

Unknown said...

I lurve the pug!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

your pug is so beautiful!! (the other one, too!)

Cindy said...

i love your pug and your mug ;)! the collages are terrific. have a great weekend, i'm not sure what we'll be doing, yet. hope it's good for all of us! xo, c

Anonymous said...

I really look forward this sunday. I think I am going to collapse on my sofa in front of the tv for 24 hours straight. I've been super busy and I am sooo tired. You know when you wake up with frog eyes surrounded by dark circles? that's me.

Michelle Brunner said...

Your weekend sounds super fun! I love the newest painting, you have such a great style!

P.S. Thanks for the recommend to watch Exit through the Gift Shop...sooooo cool! I want to be a street artist now:)

Ashley said...

That is the cutest pug everrrrr. Have a lovely weekend. :)

Janice La Verne said...

Erika, I want to put one of your paintings on my blog with a bit about your Kickstarter project. I'm so excited!
But, how do I do that? I'm not much of a computer whiz.
I went on a residency Jan. 2010 and am going to Vermont Studio Center in Sept. I have no art degrees or formal training. Friends say it's the work that counts and yours is GOOD!!!!

Tracey said...

A big week for sure!
I hope you enjoy that fantastic weekend ... I like the idea of a fruity martini and chocolate dessert ... YUM!!

I'm loving your latest works too ... the textures are wonderful.

Heartfire At Home said...

What a gorgeous pug! They are so cute. I have a video on my blog from a while back about the pug 'head tilt'... so funny!

Sounds like you have a good weekend in store.

I really like that painting. I'm developing a bit of a thing for artwork done on old music pages or book pages and stuff like that. I always had a bit of a hankering to be a mixed media artist or a collage artist or something along those lines.... painting mixed with other things intrigues me.

And, anything that is chocolate and can be eaten for dessert just has to be good. Mmmmmmmmm.

Linda. xox

and flowers pick themselves said...

sounds like a great weekend!


xo Alison

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Great painting! And sounds like a lovely weekend, I hope you had a great time :) Adorable Pug!!

sarah said...

I hope you had a lovely date and weekend!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Oh, I'm in love with Captain Adorable!!!! He's so cute!!!

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