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5 Ways to Break that Creative Block

I love brainstorming ideas. I love it! I think it's the building of an idea! I think I get it from my mother whom always has a solution for everything and tells me what I should or shouldn't be doing.  A blessing and a curse right? I also have a lot of amazing creative friends, like you whom I wonder why they even have any type of creative block at all.  These are my favorite triggers to help a creative block.  :) 
  1. Write or draw about a first day of school.  I will tell you what happened on my first day of kindergarten.  My mother takes me in hand in hand into my first day of kindergarten and I was so excited.  I knew how to write my name in cursive (just my first name).  I know now a days kids in kindergarten can read/write and do algebra and pretty soon kids will be learning the latest technology in neuro-biology.  My sister had cut my hair into a very fashionable mullet (seriously) and I had my brand new lunch box.  Then I turned around and my mother was gone and I look out the window and she is waving and leaving.  She just left me! Abandoned me at my first day of school. I spent the rest of the day crying and that's all I remember.  Tragic I know!  
  2. Write or draw about where and what you would like to be doing.  Personally right now.. I would love to be on a beach with a fruity drink with an umbrella with my toes buried in the sand.  Or I would love to be in Paris sipping on a delicious $10 coffee with some warm and buttery  croissants watching the world go by.
  3. Write or draw about your favorite color and describe it and you aren't allowed to use the color or mention the color. :) Ok I am thinking of color.. delicious.. warm.. velvetty... sweet.. (ok I was thinking chocolate brown.. I think I have chocolate cake on the brain)   
  4. Write or draw..about your evil twin- what would their name be and what would their super human power would be.  If you are a twin.. your triplet.  My evil twin would be able to read peoples minds and pick up objects with my mind...  Her name would be Fiona and would obsessively collect stamps and be able to not run as fast as me and wouldn't be as smart as me. :) lol
  5.  Write or draw about what you would do if you won the lottery... well when you first got the cash .. the first splurge.  Well the first thing I would do is go by myself a set of Louie Vuitton luggage. :)  I love a good hand bag but I don't know why it would be so magical to have a set of LV luggage.  I am picturing the luggage now.. and I would get a whole set.   
Happy Thursday! How do you unblock your creative self?


Felicity said...

I love #3, i'm going to try that! : )

considerthelillies said...

your ways to break the block are very creative indeed! I bet you would be good at writing a book actually!
To break my block when it comes to crochet, I have to look at all my yarn that I have stored, pick two or three , pick up my crochet hook and just wait till I have an idea, usually half hour or so. Just looking at all the textures and colors and picking up the hook gets me going. If I don't do that and just think about it nothing happens!

Mandy Crandell said...

These are very interesting! Maybe I'll need to test them out.

Angela said...

Great tips!!

Your first day of school story was sad :(

Traveling Distances said...

I love these ideas! I've been feeling like drawing forever and I think this post is a great start!

Unknown said...

what great tips!! (i almost changed my name to Fiona when i moved out on my own!!)

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I often think about winning the lottery, though I rarely play!

Jenn @ Live Love Life Now! said...

I've honestly never thought about what to do if I run into a creative block so I LOVED all of your ideas!!

Probably for me I would take a long shower or take a road trip because I get a lot of my creative ideas in the car...and shower, lol :)

BTW, my mom sounds just like your mom! I used to brainstorm with her on the phone in college when I was trying to figure out the latest art project...and it always worked!

Sarppu said...

Wonderful tips :)

Tracey said...

What great ideas Erika!! I love different ways of recharging my creative energy.

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