Ready... Set... Screenprint!

How is your week going so far? :) My little furry angels look a little too innocent.
I have been working hard this week attempting to pull some screen prints.  It's a lot harder than it looks.  Anyone have any tips?  I have been covered in green goo all week from mixing the chemicals wrong.  :) Hopefully today I will have some luck and it will all magically come together.  Fingers Crossed.  Some gorgeous screen print artworks for your viewing pleasure..
Andy Warhol -Turquoise Marilyn
Lichtenstein Girl with a Hair Ribbon
Chuck Close   


k said...

very cool! I love that Dan Lish one :)

Joyce said...

I haven't done this since 9th grade. that is a verrrrry long time ago! I pulled out a book I have because I have been thinking of doing this on the tea towels. Have fun!! xo

Mandy Crandell said...

I've been wanting to try this for a long time. Hope all goes well for you next time around! :)

Anonymous said...

I really want you to post the results, either good or bad. We won't judge.
I love your doggies.

Traveling Distances said...

I love these screenprints. Can't wait to see your creation!

Unknown said...

sorry, i'm no help! i have done some screen printing on tees and bags, but i draw and cut stencils from acetate, instead of burning the screens.
good luck!
(as always, love the pugs!)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Love the Dan Lish one!
Look forward to seeing what you're making too. Good luck! And most of all, have fun!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I'm going to have to take a printmaking class this fall. I'm dreading it, but love these works!

ckscribbles said...

oh man, send me some screen print goodies! I hope you get the chemicals right soon! Warhol's is one of my favorites.


Anonymous said...

My daughter, Cary, is a print-major at Ohio University...and she introduced me to screen printing this past summer...set me up with all the basic equipment, etc. It's a lot of fun!! I've not done much with this but I know I'm a printer at heart!

Anonymous said...

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