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A girls guide to camping

Since summer has rolled in- I have the urge to go camping.  I have been eyeing one of these bad boys for quite some time and I know maybe Santa will put one under the Christmas tree one year. :).  Well I want to admit that I am a little bit of a wimp when it comes to camping but I do like doing it with a little style.
1.  Forever21 2.Tempus Fugit (vintage)  3. Delias 4. Ruche 5. Modcloth  6.  Ecote Macrame

Are you planning any fun trips for the summer?


Unknown said...

we plan on going all over - Maryland - Nantucket - Outter Banks - ect ... have to admit - i'm not much of a camping girl ..

Noodles and Waffles said...

When I saw the title of your post I thought it would be a guide to backpack camping. Your list made me smile.

red-handed said...

That camper is a doll-house dream.

considerthelillies said...

oh yes...someday I will own one of dem babies too! (camper) but of course I am a wimpy camper too! Must have AC and a potty!
In a few weeks we are driving to Nashville for the weekend. Never been there and looking forward to it!

Mandy Crandell said...

This is a great list... just not the camping part. I wouldn't even stay the night outside in my Care Bear tent when I was little. Haha.

Kate said...

What a dream camper!
Camping is possibly my #1 favorite thing to do EVER.

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Cute post! I spend 3 months in Florida during the winter so no camping for us. I'm hoping to do some close by dayhikes for some plein air work though! (Cute sandals!!)

Jenn @ Live Love Life Now! said...

I LOVE silver airstream trailers...I want one so bad too!

And that's exactly the kind of style I would want to go to camping in :) My sister just went on an outdoor climbing and hiking trip and I felt bad that she spent two nights in a tent. I think it'd be fun the first night and then you'd be wishing for your bed!

By the way, she finally guest blogged about her trip to Portland!!! Check it out when you have a chance :)

Oh and I'm about to head to the beach on Friday (technically tomorrow, yay!) and I can't wait!!

Jenn xo

Anonymous said...

This summer I'll be at my lake, like the last eight summers. I'm lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of my country, I don't need to go around a lot, even if I would love to. I'm saving money for the shop, no trips for now.
I want a trailer...

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