Happy Weekend!

What are you up to this weekend?  I am hoping this weekend I can get a lot of painting done.  When fall rolls around it seems like all I want to do is make myself a big cup of hot coco and lock myself up in my studio.   I know I should be locking myself up in my studio anyway because I feel like I owe a million paintings to a million places- and am so fortunate to be busy with my artwork.:)

Isn't this bunny perfectly adorable? Even though you know bunnies are secretly vicious like pandas.


QP said...

When I was a kid we would go to my dad's uncles house and they had a huge hutch of bunnies, we loved going over there because we would get to play with them.
One day I realized they were eating them, it was a sad day for me and my sister.

Outcast said...

I love bunnies so much and this one is no exception, I couldn't see that bunny being vicious and that you have a good time painting all weekend, it sounds like a pretty fun way to spend a weekend even if it is work.

Ronnie said...

That sounds just divine - hiding away in your studio with hot cocoa and doing lots of painting! I hope you have the most wonderful weekend, Erika.
Ronnie xo

Craftcherry said...

Sounds wonderful. I would love to lock myself away in my sewing room (aka bedroom) with a hot cocoa for the weekend. Hope you have a weekend full of creativity.