Happy Monday! I am a huge fan of documentaries! I am completely addicted to reality television, and I always think a documentary film is a more educated approach to reality television :).  okay.. fine!  I am just trying to justify my addiction to reality television! lol.

We watched Presspauseplay documentary over the weekend and the film explores how the digital area has made it easier for creatives to make work and unleash their work out into the world.   The film also has an interesting view on how digital media has made it so easy for people to release their work but also make it more challenging for creatives to get their work noticed because the market it flooded by lots of creatives or so called creatives.  I would totally recommend this one :)

Seen any good documentaries lately?


Outcast said...

I recently watched a really good documentary called Talhotblond about a real life internet love triangle which was pretty awesome, I love documentaries so much myself, this one sounds like it's worth watching for sure.

mel said...

Thanks for the heads up, I will check this out. I feel the same way about photography. The internet is so saturated with images, which is great but tricky at the same time.
The last doc that I saw was Love Marilyn. A collection of famous actors reading poems and diary entries from Marilyn's writings that were recently found. An interesting insight into how she actually felt.

Sherms said...

At least you like the decent reality tv, I'm all about the trashy stuff like, dare I say it, Honey Boo Boo & Dance Moms.
This post reminds me of an episode of bones the husband and I frequently reference. I found it on You Tube just in case you haven't seen it!