Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pregnancy Survival Guide

I had a really tough pregnancy.  I was pretty miserable.. actually really miserable.  Anyone who has an easy pregnancy I am totally jealous of because mine was so hard.. at least hard for me.  I was sick all the time, no energy what so ever and I didn't leave a 2 mile radius of my home- friends/family had to come to me, I attempted to make art, but pretty much I was stuck in bed all day cuddled up with my pugs.  On the other hand my pugs loved me being pregnant- they got 10x as much snuggles and they loved cuddling my belly.  Looking back on my pregnancy here are some of the ways I survived... barely lol.

Have a milkshake.  I think I had a milkshake a day in the last part of the pregnancy.  Milkshakes go down faster than just plan ice cream.  A sweet treat always lifted my spirits, even if my spirits were lifted I would still go get a milkshake :). There is a Krispie Creme about a 2 minute drive from my house- so I would get a milkshake with 2 donuts.  Now I am thinking about milkshakes. Yum!

Go get a cheap pedicure.  I went about once a week to get my puffy feet massaged and toenails bedazzeled.  It was my treat to myself for feeling so frumpty dumpty.  I loved getting a little beauty time and I was mostly in flip flops anyway since I couldn't fit into most of my shoes.  I had different friends come and visit and we would go and get our toes done.  It was a great way to get out of the house.

Take a nap.  When doesn't a snooze sound amazing?    

Remember you are not alone.  I think at least for me, pregnancy was a little on the lonely side. I think it's because I was going through all the hormones and starting a new chapter, it's a little over whelming and especially in your first pregnancy I wasn't sure if everything I was experiencing was normal.  Well as long as your not in pain- it's all normal. People don't talk about the yucky side of pregnancy but it's all normal and just part of the lumps of pregnancy.

I think most of these types could apply to you even if you weren't pregnant.  I think the most important thing that when your pregnant you need to do whatever it takes to feel good!


Outcast said...

I'm sorry to hear that your pregnancy was so difficult Erika although I do love these tips and your advice for any other expectant mother. At least it's all over how and you have your adorable little angel in your arms whenever you want her.

Becca said...

I am pregnant in bed with my cat. All I need is chocolate... or someone to go get me a mug of that delicious cider mulling on the stove.

Loved all your suggestions. :-)

No(dot dot)el said...

Great advice ;)

punkychewster said...

wow... it's making me think twice about having a baby, but on the bright side, YOU SURVIVED IT TO TELL THE TALE! i guess the end result makes everything worth it. Plus a milkshake everyday sounds quite divine...

May your next pregnancy be smooth-sailing!

Ronnie said...

You are totally spot on with getting milkshakes and pedicures! Those are both things that I love to do when I'm pregnant - especially when you get a bit git towards the end and you can't read your feet very well... :)
Ronnie xo

Unknown said...

I sooooooo understand. I was jealous of those who loved pregnancy because theirs was so joyous and pleasant. I felt pretty ripped off lol. Good post indeed.

Kathy said...

Poor girl. Sorry to hear that you're such in pain. I hope you're okay now and didn't develop anything bad. Hang on there.