My name is Erika. I'm in love with making art, collecting old things & chasing after my two kiddos. This blog is a peek into my happy accidents & plots of total world domination.


My Pallet

I use an an instant pallet when oil painting. There are a lot of choices when choosing a pallet, there are wood ones, plastic ones, glass ones and have come across a few vintage ones.. and some artists use a pizza pie tray or some other type of flat surface-  but I have yet to be successful in keeping a real pallet and now I just use these instant ones because I can make a big of a mess as I want and then when I'm done I can just toss it... start over.


The Dainty Dolls House said...

So cool, love them. I love seeing all the paint colours all around and touching each other and the stroke marks from the's wonderful. Happy Friday doll xx

Anonymous said...

I love the instant pallets, had them introduced to me at school when I was about 14 & have sworn by them ever since, they are fantastic.

tinajo said...

Love pallets, I could use one - used - as a wall decoration if I had one! :-)

Outcast said...

I love your pallets Erika, so cool to see where the magic happens, there's something raw about pallets as well.

Cindy said...

i think i would save them with the relevant painting. i love the painterly quality of the palette.

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