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A Door Mat

I have been thinking about redoing my plain boring door mat for quite some time but I couldn't figure out what sort of pattern I wanted.  This project took about 15 minutes to make - super easy but I put a lot of thought into it because once you commit there is no looking back and I have a tendency to over think things :). I didn't want something cutesy- I love cute but I just didn't want something with kittens or hearts or puppies or swirls.. at least not for a door mat.
Door Mat- I have this one.
Painters Tape- .94 inch blue painters tape
Spray Paint- Gray or whatever color you choose.

All you do is tape up the door mat and then spray paint.  The project was done before I knew it and even Tim said he liked how it turned out, which is a lot for him.  He doesn't notice things very often or he will point something out months later and ask me if I did something different.  See Yoda in the photo? such a ham- that pug.


Unknown said...

This is so cool and so easy! Doing this soon. I've got all the supplies needed already. Thanks for sharing!

Outcast said...

This is brilliant Erika! Despite it's simplicity it actually takes a massive amount of creative talent and effort to even think of this idea and I think it's just incredible Erika, really good job here!

Motormouth Macey said...

Brilliant! Love it!

Nina said...

Awesome! It looks great and sounds like it was a super easy project. I love easy, simple and fast projects that look like a million bucks.

QP said...

Great idea! I need a new doormat for the house! I'll have to try this out

QP said...

Looks great! We need a new doormat, I'll have to try this out!

Unknown said...

I LOVE easy DIYs!!

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

there is nothing i love better than an easy diy that looks amazing. this one is so great! i have thought about doing this with a straw like door mat, but wasn't sure it would stick to that, this one looks like it would work way better. ps i have those same curtains ;)

Mandy Crandell said...

Very cool! I could use a doormat.

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