A Tiny Bee: Summer's End

This week's assignment was Summer's End and to me Summer's End is always Labor Day weekend.  Labor Day weekend always marks the end of summer because school starts and no more summer ending.  I start thinking about the leaves changing and falling and getting crunchy beneath my feet.. oh and most important pumpkin spiced lattes and wearing scarves!.  At the end of summer, we usually head out to the coast and celebrate the last hurrah of gorgeous summer weather.. even though this year has been really hot even after Labor Day. We did a lot of road trips this summer and went to the coast a lot.  I think what I am going to remember most about this summer is my daughter turning one and our family road trips.  I did a painting sketch of my daughter looking out at the ocean and she was very excited to walk on the sand.  She gets so excited to wear shoes and clops around like a little horse trotting around.  I just want to remember all the beautiful... silly and exciting memories of my daughter for this summer and that's my summer's end.

Next week's assignment is "Achieve."  Just thinking about achieve is could be interpreted lots of different ways like it could be something goal related or maybe something you are so incredibly proud of and it was a great achievement for you. If you would like to link share please link up below.

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tinajo said...

Road trips are so much fun! :-) I think it´s been a fab summer, will remember it for a long time!

Tracey said...

Sounds like you've enjoyed many magical moments ... road trips and going to the coast make for the best memories. Love your sketch!

Outcast said...

This is brilliant Erika, really glad to hear that you've had such a wonderful Summer.

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

hasn't this summer been crazy?! i think it's the longest summer i can remember. with that it feels like it is going be one that is forever memorable. love your sketch, the colors are really beautiful.