A Tiny Bee Project #9- Flicker

Happy Halloween! I didn't even realize it until I went to write this post but the word "flicker" is very Halloweeny. Don't you think? I always think Halloween really marks the point in fall when it's about to turn into winter with the leaves crunching beneath your feet, all the orange pumpkins on the porches and that cold brisk wind. We have owls by where I live and if you listen very carefully at night time you can hear them and if you are lucky enough you might spot one swooping over a field.

So this week creative word was "flicker." I immediately thought of a candle or something fire related but I thought what sort of animals have a sort of flicker in their eyes. Even though owls look incredibly cuddley and adorable- they have big beaks and dangerous claws but they are so lovely to look at but do love that sense of danger behind their eyes which is the whole point of flicker.

Tonight is Nora's big night and we are taking her trick or treating! She is a little young but I think we are just going to a few neighbors houses and that's it.  She's probably going to get more of a kick of meeting all the people handing out the candy. Tonight I also have piece of artwork at the group show at the  Goodfoot and it's opening night- so I will be swinging by in my halloween costume.

What are you up to this Halloween?

Next weeks assignment is "Blue". :) How ever you want to interpret it.
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rooth said...

Happy Halloween to all of you! I hope Nora has a wonderful time

Outcast said...

Amazing owl Erika, I really hope that you guys had an amazing Halloween as well!