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The Big 400 #1

I started painting for the 6th annual Big 400.  I started painting for this show when there was only 30 artists and now it has grown to over 400 artists, hence the name the Big 400.   It's still crazy to just  think how small it was and now how big of an art show it is.  I am so grateful they want me to be apart of the show every year because its one of my favorites.  Its a show that's gotten so large that people line up hours before just to get their hands on artwork.  I sold out my artwork the last couple of years and last year my work sold out opening night.  Each artists can choose up to 10 paintings to have in show, and I always feel a little bit of pressure for this show because I want to make amazing work... well I guess I feel the pressure every time I make something lol.

Each artists get 10 pieces of wood all of the same size and all the paintings are hung together in no particular order and there are no signs with no names.  It's a cash and carry show- so you pick out the artwork you want and go home with a painting or paintings that night. It's a great show if you are looking for some original artwork for Christmas or looking for artwork for your home.  I always end up going home with a couple paintings to add to my growing collection of artwork because these paintings are the perfect size for making a gallery hanging display.

Here is the first one- and bicycles have been showing up in my art work again.  I think the reason why is because I love a good bike ride but I also love the way you feel free while bike riding and I think how much I loved it as a kid and its one of my happy places. I also love painting the motion of riding a bike especially motion caught in a painting.

Want to see previous work for this show? Big 300/Big 200/Big 100

Date: December 14th- 2 p.m. and runs until January 21st.
Location:  Peoples Art of Portland Gallery
700 SW Fifth (3rd floor) People's is Suite 4005, Portland, Oregon


Outcast said...

I always love this Big 400 thing Erika, it's just great and you always do such an amazing job, best of luck with this!

Jessica (Coco/Mingo) said...

Wow - it's crazy to see how much this event has grown! Your work is seriously beautiful! Wish I could attend this would be a great place to get some Christmas gifts!

Anonymous said...

this sounds so exciting!! all the best with making work for this :) so glad you have such a great opportunity to show and sell your work.

Emma Kate said...

Sounds like a really cool concept! Your work is lovely :)

Sian said...

wow that painting is amazing. I WISH iI could paint like that X

Sian said...

wow that painting is amazing. I WISH iI could paint like that X

Sian said...

wow that is amazing! I WISH I could paint like that x

Lauren said...

Wow! What a lovely thing to be part of! I've never sold my photos as art (only as commercial stuff), but I think I'd be simply over the moon at an experience like this. I can understand the pressure, the excitement and the expectation. I'm thrilled for you.

Jane said...

i love the concept behind big 400! your work is great!

rooth said...

Oh I really like this painting and the entire show sounds so cool

Cathie Joy Young said...

Such a fun show. This is my 3rd year. Chris and People's people are rock stars! Looking forward to seeing your work Erika.

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