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Do It Yourself: Gold Leaf Flower Pot and Ikea Hack!

I don't have much of a green thumb. What I am I saying? My plant survival rate is pretty bad, if I take a plant home the chances of it dying or getting eaten by the pugs are extremely strong. But this plant is special- this plant is my longest living plant.  This plant has survived college, Tim and I dating, us getting our first home and the birth of our daughter. I know this plant looks a little on the scrawny side but its the plant who lived.  This plant was in need of a new pot and I picked up this one at Ikea and wanted to add a little something extra. I used a gold leaf that is a two in one application because generally gold leaf you have to apply an applicator then apply the gold but the two in one is way easier and a lot less messy.

Supply List.
Ikea pot
Bristle Paint Brush
Gold Leaf
Painter Tape- if you don't have a steady hand.

Use the painters tape to tape of the areas you don't want gold.  If you have a steady hand then just paint on the gold leaf.  It takes about an hour to dry and I think it's the perfect home to my extra special plant.

Have you tried using gold leaf yet?


Molly {Dreams in HD} said...

oh my gosh, i am so so impressed you have kept your special plant alive for that long! it kind of becomes another member of the family, doesn't it? :)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Haha, yes! I thought I'd be great at having plants, but now that I live on my own I keep killing the two I had(one was thrown out weeks ago, the other probably soon)! So yesterday I bought a succulent;) I should be able to handle that.

This looks lovely by the way! The gold touches really turn it into something special<3

Tales of Whimsy said...

Cool idea! I adore IKEA hacks.

Hildi said...

Love it! Lucky plant :-) sounds like it has survived quite the life with you.

Unknown said...

I have not used gold leaf yet, but I want to! My plant survival rate is pretty abismal, too. I've killed cacti. This looks so beautiful, though! Maybe I'll try it small scale for some herbs.

Hena Tayeb said...

never used gold leaf before.
that looks great.

Eva said...

It's very smart !! I send you my pot !

Unknown said...

Lovely! I have used gold leaf back when I studied Scenic Art at the university. I remember it being quite fidgety to use but it wasn't a dealbreaker it adds a great effect to a piece so it is worth it!

Katrina Sophia Blog

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

did you see me buying (another) one of these pots at ikea this weekend? i love this so much. i am doing this today.

Dra. Cristiane Marino said...

Hi Erika,

Thank you for your visit! That drawing is really lovely, it is not mine, I found that image on pinterest but I couldn’t find out who is the author.
I love drawing and painting too, I always make some art when I am not working at my office.
your blog is so good! I’ll come back.

Indy said...

What a great way to spruce up a boring vase! Your finished product looks so pretty!

thehonorableMissDecaf said...

great idea! I love IKEA. ;)


Jennifer Prod said...

the plant that sticks by your side is the plant you gotta love -- decorating the vase is with gold leaf is a pretty good way to show your appreciation :)

Lauren said...

Great idea! Neel takes care of our plants, but it's up to me to make them work in the house. I might have to do this! ;)

Angela said...

Looks great! I just bought a bunch of plants in hopes I can keep them alive--that's all I ask! haha. i've also been doing ikea hacks left & right now that i live right near one!

Julia said...

i love me a good ikea hack. this one's great! you really can't go wrong with gold leaf! :)

Unknown said...

That's such a great idea, it's hard to cover up an ikea product look not like an ikea product, so this is fun!
xo Mary Jo

Rach said...

This is so pretty! I love it!

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