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Icon a Show of Portraits @ People's Gallery

I'm participating in a group show at People's Gallery, opening next week. The title for the show is Icon a Show of Portraits and I couldn't be more thrilled to participate.   The curators for this gallery work so hard to bring art into the community and they continue to inspire me with their dedication and creativity.

One of my favorite icons of all time is Alice Neel. She was a true trail blazer for women in art and in life. She was someone, that just had to make art.  There is something so admirable about someone's spirit, and is willing to do whatever it takes for the passion of their craft. Her art was something that ran so deep with in her, that it came through in her paintings.

If you have a chance to see her work in person, her energy leaps off the canvas. When her paintings are on display at the Portland Art Museum, I go visit them. When I'm in New York City, there is one that is close to the elevator on the 3rd floor at MOMA, that I visit. There is something magical about her work and her long, beautiful, brush strokes.

One of my favorite art documentaries of all time is Neel. (and it's on Netflix)  Even if you aren't an artist, you can appreciate this film. Alice's drive and spirit will inspire you to do whatever it takes to make your life the best life ever.  It chronologies her life, and her art, and how she made it.  Her sons still own her old apartment in New York City, and they use it as an office and a place to remember their mother.  

"The minute I sat in front of a canvas I was happy. Because it was a world and I could do what I liked in it."- Alice Neel

Details about the show: 
Opening Night: Sept 20th, 5-9 
Show Runs from: September 20th- October 12th.


Tales of Whimsy said...

Wow. That sounds way cool. I love portraits. I love gazing at them and imagining their thoughts.

Rach said...

She sounds like an amazing lady!

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

Fabulous! I will definitely try to make there to see your work! i love portrait paintings.

and i am going to check out that documentary too.

Diana said...

This is so exciting! Congratulations on being in the show -- I wish I could come up to Portland to see it! Would love to see photos of the event! said...

It must be very exciting participate to a gallery's show!
I like the work of Alice Neel and yours!

Unknown said...

Beautiful and expressive, thanks for sharing!
Have a lovely day! xxx

rooth said...

How incredibly cool - and best of luck on your show!

Erin said...

I'll have to watch this. I adore the little detail about her sons keeping her apartment as a place to remember her by. I wish I had done that with my dad's studio. xo

Wasabi Honey Bee said...

So cool Erika!!

Lauren said...

Love, love, love! So excited for you, and I so admire your commitment to your work. You're inspiring to me, dear!

Briseidy said...

how interesting and exciting...good for you! thanks for the recommendation ;)

Tori Dickey said...

She sounds amazing. This is such an inspiring post! I'll definitely need to learn more about this wonderful woman.

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