Big 500 - 3/10

This is my 3rd piece for the Big 500! (more details below). I have been meaning to share more work for this awesome show, that opens this very Saturday.  I was able to finish all the paintings before having baby Everett, but have been slow to share on the blog. 

I just love painting these little slated roof buildings because there is just something so cozy and adorable about them.  I have been doing some painting in my studio since Everett has been born, but not every day and I miss it.  Just looking through my paintings for the show, makes me want to get back in the swing of things.

Details about the show.
Opening Night: December 13. 2014 and opens at 2:00 pm - 9:00 pm (if you are planning on going opening night, go early!)
Dates: December 13, 2014- January 11, 2014
Address: Top Floor of Pioneer Place,  People's Gallery, 700 SW 5th Ave, Portland, OR

Want to see more artwork from the previous years? Big 500 //Big 400 // Big 300 // Big 200 // Big 100

PS. Want to buy a copy of this print? Click here.


tina bumblebee said...

Love this one so much!

Unknown said...

Love this! You are talented.

Katrina Sophia

Tori Dickey said...

Great painting Erika, love it!

Shalagh said...

Good luck with your show! And I with my almost 2 year old so get the wanting to get back to stuff. Especially the stuff that makes you feel youier.

rooth said...

You were painting up until the minute he was born, it sounds like!

Hildi said...

Stunning! you are so talented. Good luck with the show!

Lauren said...

I can't believe I forgot to comment on this yesterday! I love this! This one and the camper are two of my favorites of yours. Great work, Momma. XO