Make Art Everyday in 2015

I want to make art everyday in 2015.  It sounds simple, right?  I don't know if I am crazy for taking on this challenge but I feel like I need a project to make some sort of art everyday.  Since having my second baby only seven weeks ago, the only thing I miss other than sleep is making art.

2015 is just starting and when a new year rolls around, it's a time or maybe an excuse to start something.  Maybe it's just a way around a new years resolution, but a new year is a fresh start and just about anything can happen.

Now...The Rules.

1. Make art everyday, no matter how big or small. Any medium counts. Even if I draw a stick person or just snap a blurry photo, the point is just to make art.
2.  I am not allowed to give up. This is very important.
3.  I am not allowed to throw away any artwork or rip out any pages in my sketch book. I am allowed to start over.  I have been known if I get fed up with a painting or mad at my work. I start painting over canvases or ripping out pages in my sketchbook.

I'll be using the #makeart2015 on instagram and twitter if you want to follow along.


Angela said...

can't wait to see what you come up with! happy new year!

Wasabi Honey Bee said...

I think it is a tall order with a new babe, but a good one!!! Good Luck!!!

P.S. One of these days you need to come get a slice of pie at Paiku! It would be fun to meet in person : )

rooth said...

An honorable goal if I've ever heard of one - can't wait to see what you create

Rach said...

Such a great idea! I've already enjoyed seeing some of your art on Instagram! I look forward to seeing more. :)

moongirl said...

Joining up! :)