Let's Brunch! Feast's Tillamook Brunch Village

If you are from Portland, or visit Portland. You know we are serious brunchers.  If you are planning on going to brunch in Portland, either plan on a long wait or plan on going early and waiting in line.

Is it worth it? 100% because it is pure deliciousness. As you know, I was at Feast over this past weekend. (It's Portland's most amazing food fest)  On Sunday, their main event is Tillamook's Brunch Village. The best part about it? is being able to eat from all the best brunch spots in town and they are all in one place.

My tummy is still smiling. Everything was so delicious. I love all the different surprises from all the chefs and restaurants/bakeries.  Here are a few of my favorites. yay!!

1. Almond Crescent Cookies and Coconut Macaroons - Karen Kay Marie and Matilda Novak. Their parent's have a Hungarian restaurant located called Novak's Hungarian.
2. Brisket Bennedict w/ Qual Egg with a smoked hollandaise and a home made english muffin. Lardo's Rick Genecarelli. If you haven't been to Lardo yet, then I am not sure what you are waiting for.  There are multiple locations and they make such amazing sammiches and have one of the best burgers in town. Anytime anyone needs a Portland recommendation, I always suggest Lardo. Oh and don't forget to order the dirty fries.
3.  Spicy Black Bean Pork, Turnip Cake, Small Egg, Berry Bean Bao. Patrick Fleming of Boke Bowl. This is one of my husband's most favorite ramen places in town. They have an east side and west side locations. This was such a surprising spicy treat, that it reminded of the unique and rich flavor their ramen shops have.
4.  Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. Andrew Carmellini of Bar Prima. Not from Portland, but is located in New York but his food was quite delicious. How can a girl refuse a pancake with lemon curd? Not this one :)
5.  Pip's Donut's. Ok this is a no brainer. They make donuts made to order. Yes I said made to order. So fresh donuts on every single order. They served their classic honey and sea salt and a marion berry lavender compote. If you do go here. My personal favorite is the Nutella with seasalt. I could eat a mountain of them.
6.  Lamb Rillettes with goat cheese chile and mint. Ben Ford's at Ford's Fillings Station. Crunchy bread with spicy and sweet goodness? Yes. This guy's also not from Portland but I completely want to go visit his LA restaurant.
7. Pine State's Biscuit teamed up with Tillamook to make this super yummy treat.  It's Pine State's secret crust with bourbon apple butter, Tillamook smoked cheddar and red eye bacon jam.  It was kind of the most unexpected surprise of the whole Brunch Village. Pine State does make the best biscuits in town and they delivered.
8. Fried Chicken with waffle and green tomato syrup by Simpatica. This dining hall is constantly changing their menu to include seasonal ingredients and they have a pretty awesome dinner too. Yum! Yum! Yum!

PS. This year's event sold out like crazy! So if you are planning on checking it out next year. You will have to snag your ticket early.

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