Making Art Everyday in 2015// Day 330

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so especially thankful this year. Last year at Thanksgiving, I had a 2 week old baby Everett. I had just started thinking about making art everyday because I missed having it in my life on a daily basis.

I looked at m two kiddos this morning. Nora standing on her toes while playing with a table full of legos. Everett peering up at Nora with so much curiosity. Nora is such a great big sister and loves her baby brother so very much.   2 pugs that are constantly and happily on crumb duty.  and have their noses pressed to the ground waiting for their treats.

We also bought a house this year, and a house that I am so excited to make lots of new memories in and raise my family in. I'm thankful for a husband who always inspires me to do my best and to stay creative on a daily basis. I really can't wait to start working on building my dream studio!

Gosh! and I am  also to the end of my year long art journey. I plan on continuing to make art and share my journey because I just feel like I have just started and I have so much more growing to do.

I am grateful. and thankful.

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